Accounting Solutions of New York specializes in providing an array of accounting and CFO services to nonprofit organizations. Our Mission is, "To ease the burden of accounting, record keeping, and fiscal reporting so that school administrators can focus on student achievement."

Maintaining a well-run nonprofit organization carries with it a myriad of record keeping and accounting challenges, all of which need to be managed effectively to ensure that reporting and compliance requirements are met. These financial administrative tasks may distract managers and decision makers from their primary focus of serving the organization's mission. That's where ASNY can help.

ASNY takes the drudgery out of accounting chores. Our technical expertise combined with more than 13 years of focused accounting and auditing experience enables us to relieve you of time-consuming tasks while assuring accuracy and timeliness of financial data, and adherence to the compliance calendar.  In addition, we empower you with the financial tools needed to make the right decisions.


Charter Schools are the forefront of public education. Too many run the risk of failing the tests of fiscal efficiency and viability.  ASNY’s founder, Digant Bahl, CPA has been providing accounting and CFO services to New York charter schools since 2000. 

Our team at ASNY understands the unique accounting and reporting requirements in this domain, and specializes in providing solutions for every phase of operations from the  initial submission of the charter application. 

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Our team has extensive experience working with not for profit organizations, and is fully versed in all the unique challenges and needs they face on a day to day basis. 

We offer support at any level, from setting up budget and accounting policies and procedures for start-ups to assistance with financial reporting and fiscal oversight for established organizations. We can provide you with a kaleidoscope of options to provide insight into your financial data in any desired format.

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